How to win cash in casinos

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Many people dream of getting rich in a casino, but in reality gamblers usually lose their money. Therefore, perhaps the most important tip you can take with you will be to play only with money you can afford to lose.

If you really want to win money, you start by assessing how much loss you can withstand (in most cases you will lose money in a casino, that's just how this business is built. Accept it and deal with it, or don't play at all.

How to win in a casino

We do not speak online casino or online betting - these are casino tips for those who are going to travel in the world and want to try their luck in a real casino. So how do you succeed, how do you win in these money-locked buildings without sunlight and with flashing slots everywhere?

Tips for winning in a casino:

1. Find a tough dealer

Some dealers should simply not work in a casino. They do not understand the games and they do not understand that you have to be careful to show players the cards. For example, in black jack there will be dealers who fail to hide the cards well enough and if you know which card dealer has at hand, you may have an advantage over the casino. You may not be popular in the casino, but you can win a lot of money as long as you are not taken (and it's not illegal so nobody can notify you).

2. Get a win on time

It's important to know when to end, whether you've lost or won money. The problem of winning in the casino is that it is entertaining to continue and you are wise to believe that you win more. Do not go in that trap. In the end, the casion will win over you, that's how it works if the game is set up correctly. Stop when you've got a win, it was luck and you were lucky, but luck does not last forever, especially not in a casino. Do not forget the time (this is something the casino really wants you to do). Follow the clock and understand when you have had your dose of luck in the evening.

3. Do not let yourself distract

From ladies in bikini to champagne and luxurious items: The casinos try to distract you. Focus on what you can win and your odds. Your chances are not getting bigger if you forget to think about probabilities for looking at ladies and expensive watches.

4. Physics laws may be of your advantage

Ideally, a casino should work so it always gave the house an advantage. Sometimes, however, it appears that casinos use physical objects that do not go as planned. The ballooned roulette bullets have become slightly oval in shape (not visible, but enough to affect the randomness), and the roulette wheel may have seen better days. When you become aware of this, you can begin to benefit from such weaknesses. If you find a roulette wheel that has a statistically greater chance of landing on a color than what a coincidence would indicate, then you have found a gold mine. Make sure no one discovers this and be quick: Such roulette wheels will soon be replaced.

5. Play good odds

Never want to find a casino game where the odds are in your favor. Nevertheless, some casino games have better odds than others. Keno, for example, is a game of miserable odds, while black jack and video poker can have relatively good odds if the game is learned. The same goes for odds and tricks, if you want to play on this and have the time and knowledge of what is being dealt with.

6. Only play when you are sober

Alcohol does not increase your chances of winning, but it may be more fun to play when you drink and in addition get all the drinks spun? In reality Las Vegas, probably those who wait for the party until the game is finished, will win the most money. Even in games where complete coincidence prevails, you can make poorer choices in the stressed state: You promised yourself to spend only a few thousand dollars in the casino, but then the house became generous with the drinks and your promise to yourself was forgotten: the day After that, you will be greeted with a credit card without more credit...

7. Slot machines and how to win money on these

Slot machines are rigged so they pay big winnings once in a while. If you wait for a turn and see that nobody wins the machines very long, the likelihood of a win will increase. Unfortunately, it is long between each time the big prizes are awarded and it may take several years before any of the Las Vegas machines issue a big jackpot. When someone wins on a slot machine, millions can win in profit, and eventually it just has to come. Wait for a trip and choose the right time to start playing. The likelihood of winning this method is still disappearing little, but it can be worth a try if you have nothing better to do.

8. Video Poker for Proffer

Poker players should consider video poker in Las Vegas, instead of roulette. The casino will earn money on all those who have not understood that it is possible to get relatively good odds in this game and those who can not play is a gold mine for the casino. They can afford some players to make money on these machines. Here you can win money while playing at peace, no one in the casino will throw you out even if you win for many years. It's not said that it's easy, and even if you're going to play perfectly, your house will still have a little odds in its favor, but it's so small (under half a percent) so it's a big difference from video poker to, Let's say, roulette and slot machines.

9. Martial System (in special cases)

If you have an incredible amount of money and if the casino has no limit to how to play roulette, it may be money to win with this strategy. Start with a small amount, for example 10 kroner, and rate on one color. If you win, you finish - and have doubled the winnings. If you do not win, you should continue to play and double the bet each time. Let's say you lose all the way to the tenth round, then the effort has grown to 10 billion euros. 10 euros, doubled 10 times. The loss until then will be large, but the gain will be significantly greater. The problem with this method is that most casinos have limits on how much effort you can play in the casino and most people do not have enough money to use this tipping system anyway.

10. Only play for what you can afford to lose

Almost no one manages to win over the casino constantly, and if someone has found a system that guarantees a win in a casino, one should find a lawyer as well as a bodyguard in addition and get ready to defend your self. Casinos are not known to be friendly to those who win a lot. In a casino, only one winner is in the end and it is the house itself. In addition to all those who understand that casino games are first and foremost entertainment and that the odds of winning will never be on your side.