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Verdal is known for one thing and only one thing: Lotto and their lucky lotery players.

There are no casinos in Verdal, but there are kiosks and grocery stores where you can do the best in Verdal, namely to play lottery .

Lotto in Verdal: Verdal is and becomes Lottery village number 1 in Norway.

So well known, Verdal has become for its lotto-loving residents that Norsk Tipping has its own series of advertisements about lucky, fictional lottery builders.

"New Lottery Millionaire in Verdal" are headlines that appear on a regular basis. It has become a lot of these, so many that no-one no longer knows exactly how many lotteries there are. Since income from lottery games is not taxable, it does not make any cash at the cashier's office. If the valuations are lucky, something we know that many of them are, maybe the lottery lions who sponsor the municipal council will also?

Do you want to become a lottery in Verdal?

The luck of the lotto in Verdal began in the 90s, and it just continues. If you're going to tour it is almost mandatory to deliver a small lottery ticket. Something special is needed to win in the lottery, superstition can be as good medicine as probability calculations, and according to the statistics there is no reason to believe that you should not have more luck in Verdal than elsewhere.

Verdal is not a big village. It is a municipality in Nord-Tr√łnderlag, and the place has a long history. We can return to the Battle of Stiklestad, which spread out in Verdal in 1030. It is not just a lottery that is special with Verdal, certainly not. It is also mentioned that they also have traditions, long traditions: Verdal is the only priesthood of all of Norway who still retains its name unchanged as far back as its registered names.

Of casino games there is not much to boast in this village. Until then you can not play on a net casino in Verdal, but if you wanted to play a lottery, this is the number one # 1 in Norway for such activities.

Norway is not a big casino nation, but the valuations have at least their keen lottery game contributed greatly to their gambling culture.

Verdalsoren have no casinos: The city does not have any casinos but any gambler knows they can try to try your luck in webcasino.

Verdalsoren city lies in Nord-Trondelag in Norway.

The climate is fine in this city. The weather in the summertime er comfortable, but of course in winter is colder but even then it is brilliant.

It's costs a lot with cab in this city. Taxi transport may be a little difficult catch a ride with if you call phone number to the cab company. those who want to drive with car or bike it can it be smart to bring along the latitudes and latitudes to byen which is 63.8 and 11.483.

The culture and entertainment other than casinos in Verdalsoren can be found at the city centre, and they have a lot breathtaking cultural events, special in the spring season, and the city will provide experiences such as cinemas and events and festivals.

The airport, well there is nothing like an airport in walking distance to the city, combined transport with transport from nearest airport is easy for anyone who likes games of money . you can always google after Verdalsoren airport may not get relevant hits as the nearest airport has a completely different name. Please try map online and it is very easy to find international airports close Verdalsoren.

The city code for Verdalsoren is VERD but you probably won't need that code for anything.

Public transport: It is good bus and public transport connections in the city and if you travel with bus then it is a good idea to remember trains, it is Smart to have in your pocket or on your mobile phone when bus information If you want to reach the bus.

Verdalsoren has many hotels for guests staying in the city and accommodation can be found everywhere in Verdalsoren if you would like to come in to hotels and motels. The city is described as high priced place in respect to hotel stay.

The city offers adventurous surroundings and some mountain zones, and it is not too far to bathing possibilities or at least tourist attractions with with something adventurous.

Crime in the city center is probably not more dangerous than in other places, and this is not even huge problems with crime comparing to the rest of the dangerous cities in the world not far away.

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