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Monte-Carlo Casino (or Casino de Monte-Carlo) is one of the world's biggest casino venues outside of Las Vegas and Macao.

Monte Carlo Casino is a gambling complex in Monaco, which has a casino (outstanding) as well as the magic Grand Theatre de Monte Carlo, and not least Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. All publicly owned by the Société des Bains de Mer de Monaco, where the royal family is also on the ownership side.

Had it not been for Princess Caroline who in the 19th century had the idea of ​​making Monaco a gambling center, the world might not have had the magnificent casino today. Like anything else that has to do with public offerings of gambling games, it was not the wishes of the population that were the background for the opening of the casino.

Money policy is almost always about making the ruling authorities richer, never about the people's interest like that. Exceptions exist, as in Malta, which, thanks to their efforts, has provided new gaming opportunities and technological innovations through private malting gaming companies.

Monaco was on the verge of bankruptcy, and through, among other things, revenue from gambling, the little nation has become a rare success story. Casino de Monte-Carlo is today one of the most important sources of income for Monaco's economy.

Why visit the casino in Monaco

The casino has many high quality facilities and provides a great variety of games, including many different types of roulette, stud poker, blackjack, "Trente et Quarante", craps, baccarat, video poker and a large number of slot machines.

Many players will think of James Bond when Monte-Carlo Casino is mentioned. The glamorous casino building was the inspiration of Ian Fleming's casino in the novel Casino Royale from 1953. The casino has also been used for recording a number of James Bond movies.

There are five casinos in Monte-Carlo: This town with its 5 casino offers is an attractive destination for those who want to try their luck in real money games .

Monte-Carlo city belonging Monaco in Monaco.

Casinos in Monte-Carlo

Crime in the city center is probably not a bigger problem than in other municipalities, and this is not even terrible crime in comparison with other parts around.

Temperatures and climate is mostly okay in this city. The temperatures in the summer er relatively comfortable, but of course in winter is much more cold but even then it is magnificent.

The entertainment in Monte-Carlo can be found at famous tourist attraction sites, and they have some of the best of exquisite cultural events, special in the fall and otherwise, and this town offers experiences such as movie shows and cultural events such as concerts and festival.

Monte-Carlo has many hotels and camping sites and alternatives to accommodation will be found all over this city in Monte-Carlo if you would like to find hotel. The city is not pretty cheap city regarding accommodation in hotel.

The number of plants and plants is versatile. Do not be disappointed if you do not discover rhinos or a fox larger than an elephant in the center, but there are great and strange birds, plants and insects in and around the city as well as spiders is a bit cool. Under no circumstances forget your binoculars equipment and you will see the quite strange environment and atmosphere and the birdlife and wildlife.

The the airstrip, well there is no such thing as a airstrip in walking distance to the city, other connections with car hire is easy for anyone who likes games of money . Trying to google airport in Monte-Carlo may not be so smart then the nearest the airport does not have the same name as the city. Navigate map to see city airports close Monte-Carlo.

The city code for Monte-Carlo is MONT but you probably won't need that code for anything.

Bus and public transport: It is usually decent bus services in the city and anyone using public transport or by bus one should not forget bus route and other transit times, it is Nice to have an overview of when the bus goes if you are going to catch a bus.

It's not very expensive with taxi in the centre of the city. Taxi cars is wicked easy get a ride with if you contact phone number to taxi. If you want to drive around car or bike we think it may be smarter to bring along the GPS coordinates for byen and these are 43.733 and 7.417.

The city offers amazingly beautiful environment and atmosphere and some mountains, and it is not too far to water and beaches or at least sights with slightly on the impressive side.

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