Malta casinos

Malta is a pleasingly amiable country with 442 000 people. The top level domains is mt. Euro is the official currency. Valletta is the capital in Malta.

Casinos in Malta

Malta is European number one in igaming , or online gambling.

Start your own casino business in Malta

Malta is not just a country (and an island) that houses all the major online casinos and gaming companies in Europe. It is also a place that attracts thousands of Norwegians wishing to take part in the exciting igaming industry.

Malta is only a small island south of Italy, but big when it comes to online gaming in Europe. From this island, the big game operators are on, offering games and excitement to everything from Germans, French, Scandinavians and other Europeans.

Casino Island of Malta

Online casino and foreign gaming companies is not the only Malta known for. They also have some casinos on the island. Malta is, after all, referred to as the "casino island" and it is not unexpected that they have their own casinos.

How are the casinos in Malta then? These are relatively good casinos, but it is probably online gaming that has resulted in the island having its igaming stamp.

Malta is a great little island with perfect climate, and an important economy also in terms of shipping and finance. They also have a very good education system in relation to the population of about half a million. The University of Malta has exciting study offers and Norwegians seeking well-paid jobs during study time and a career in igaming should consider studying here.

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