Macao casinos

Macao is a truly alluring country with 508 000 people. The top level domains is mo. Pataca is the official currency.

Casinos in Macao

Macao, or Macau, as it is also called, has 33 casino, 23 of which are located on the Macao Peninsula. The 10 others are located on Taipa Island.

The casinos here operate under a franchise agreement with the government, and all have a common regulatory framework. The most important casino operators in Macao are:

* SJM Holdings
* Galaxy Entertainment
* Las Vegas Sands

Where is Macao, and what is Macao?

Being one of the world's biggest sights for those who love casino games is surprising how many game enthusiasts do not know where Macao is, and not least what Macao is.

Is Macao a country, or rather a special administrative region in the People's Republic of China. It is an autonomous territory on the western side of the Pearl River Delta in East Asia. It borders the city of Zhuhai in mainland China and the Pearl River Estuary in the east and south. Then you have Hong Kong which is also not far away, Hong Kong is only about 64 kilometers away from Macao. If you do not yet have a clue about where we are on the map, then find the map and see your own eyes.

Macao is also an amazing place for those who like casinos. Maybe the best place in the world. Perhaps ( maybe ) even better than Las Vegas itself. Macao is lovely, amazing, wonderful. This despite the fact that they only have a population of 650,000 and that the area itself is only 30 square kilometers. It also means that this is the most populous region in the world. One is beginning to understand that there is something special about this place.

Macau maintains its own legal system, has its own monetary system, its own customs policy and its own immigration policy. China is the protector and stands for the military. It is a country, but in a way also a country in a country.

What's so special about Macao?

It's a lot special about Macao. We are not done yet.

Macao is one of the world's richest regions. GDP per capita is higher than for all other countries in the world!

Macao is the world's largest gambling center in 2006, and the economy is thus heavily dependent on gambling and tourism in connection with this.

Why should not other countries follow their example? Could you do the same in Europe, took a small area like Monte Carlo and do it independently, like China with Macao, and made a European gambling mecca there?

It's an exciting thought, and even if there are sourced forces that will of course try to stop this, there are probably many people who would have ripped off if they had seen all the exciting things going on in Macao.

Macau has the fourth highest life expectancy in the world. They are also one of the regions in Asia that has a very high "Human Development Index".

Gambling in Macao

Nowhere in the world is better than Macao when it comes to gambling. Some places may be as good, but we dare to say that there is nothing going beyond Macao. Maybe Las Vegas is just as good, but doubtful that there is something better in the states. In Asia, at least there is nothing near you. This is amazing, fun, unique, something special in the world context. Here comes tourists from all over the world and there is an atmosphere here that can not cope with anything else.

In Macao you have access to a wide range of games:

* Roulette
* Blackjack
* Baccarat
* Boule
* Sic Bo
* Keno (which by the way has the world's worst odds, do not play keno ...)
* Slot machines
* Poker

Are you fond of gambling and gambling? Then Macao is fond of you!

In 2007 poker was introduced on Macao.

Are we done? Is there nothing special about Macao?

We are far from finished. Gambling here has been legal since the 1850s, ever since the Portuguese government legalized the activity there. Since then, Macao has become known worldwide as "Monte Carlo of the Orient". What a lovely place, for a wonderful place!

Gambling is big business

Gambling in connection with tourism is the largest source of income for the country. It is mainly visitors from China and Hong Kong who come here. They earn more money on gambling in Macao than they do in Las Vegas and Australia together, so there is no doubt that this is very big business.

Macao also has Western-oriented casino games. There are also greyhound racing, sports betting and lotteries. To protect their own income, they have not allowed online gambling.

This is obviously not for the benefit of the inhabitants, but in terms of gambling, all decisions are ruled for reasons other than the interests of the citizens. It may be an important point. No matter where you are in the world, government gambling is first and foremost a way to raise money for your own finances, and nothing that is first and foremost fun and entertaining.

If you are still in Macao then you probably do not miss online casino and online gaming so very big. If the whole world had looked like Macao, it would probably have been the end of large parts of the gambling industry on the internet.

Casino in China

It's only in Macao that is the only place in China where casinos are legal.

Remember, Macao is a bit like Hong Kong, in a way a country, but not a completely independent country. It is a special administrative region, which means that China becomes a governing body, a bit like the EU for some nations in Europe, but in some areas they make freer, while in other areas they are less free than independent states in Europe.

Macao is an economy of extreme growth, few places in the world have ever seen something similar, perhaps this is unique throughout the world history. Everything is taking place at an incredible pace, and it all went well when Hong Kong lost its lion to operate gambling. This was in 2001, but it's only the last few years this has completely taken off.

This particular place, the Oriental Monte Carlo, is of course entirely dependent on gambling in order to maintain revenue. Online gaming has, however, resulted in revenues not shutting through the ceiling, but Macao is going to make an attempt in this area, which may mean that Malta can get unexpected competition.

Responsible gaming, what's that?

Gambling may not be the most stable foundation for building a stable economy, and in gaming games one must always expect surprises. It is thus given that it is safer and "better for the world" to base revenues on the utilization of natural resources such as oil and gas, fishing.

It is also the case that the house always wins, and when Macao itself is the house, this will only continue to grow up in the sky. Unless Chinese and other tourists find an even better place to play. Fortunately for Macao, it does not appear that there are other places that deserve to be stamped as the Orient's Monte Carlo, and it will probably not be for a long time.

On the other hand, it's not uncommon for surprising things in China. Who knows, maybe there will be an even bigger gambling mecca than Macao, and they will end up in the shadow of a new "Asia Las Vegas".

What the Chinese find in the next decades is hard to predict, but with its gambling story that stretches hundreds of years back, Macao will still have a special place in the hearts of the Chinese.

Gambling works well as a source of income for many countries in the world. Some claim gambling acts as a voluntary redistribution policy, and it works far better than high taxes and fees. Other countries want to ban the less restrictive form of gambling, including Turkey, China, North Korea, and a particular country in Scandinavia, which offers only very special games that can not really compete with the more attractive games available on the internet and in Casinos around the world.

With the exception of countries such as China and North Korea, there are few countries that limit your travel, whether it's tourist or visiting other places on the internet. Thus you will be free to play with their money somewhere else in the world.

There are no restrictions on how much food you can put in your mouth. How many lives have been destroyed by just this?

Money games are mostly innocent fun. Some lose control and ruin the private economy. Most people manage to set their own limitations.

Freedom in Macao

In a perfect world, everyone would be able to know their own limitations, whether it was in relation to food intake or the use of money. Perhaps more of this responsibility would be brought back to the individual?

The state does not tell you that you have to stop overeating before you have a serious weight problem. Why should the authorities care about those who use their own money in an improper manner?

The truth is that it's economics in gaming and when it's only government revenue and problem players who get attention, everyone who is happy in games and who have a reasonable relationship with this will be the ones who suffer.

The irresponsible accepts that the way to a happier life goes through regulation, while the independent understands that

Unfair people will always be a problem, but it is inconvenient to believe that one can regulate the population to make reasonable decisions.

In some countries, the individual is regulated in detail, in other countries, the individual's freedom is emphasized to a greater extent.

Should you live happily in a country that offers individual freedom, it is necessary to be aware that this also entails a very special self-responsibility.

In some countries, the population expects to be taken care of by the state. Later, you may notice that the state is primarily an institution that has its own interests.

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