Lithuania casinos

Lithuania is an unbelievably enchanting country with 4 044 000 people. The top level domains is lt. Lithuanian Litas is the official currency. Vilnius is the capital in Lithuania.

Casinos in Lithuania

The casino country of Lithuania is not big, with a population of just 2.8 million and in area of ​​only 65,000 square kilometers.

With location in northern Europe, south-east by the Baltic Sea, a fine destination with many sights and attractions.

The country has an exciting history, and was incorporated 700 years ago into the largest country in the Europe of today, Belarus, Ukraine and parts of Russia. The time was the area of ​​the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Later taken over by the Russian empire, and in 1918 after the First World War, Lithuania gained its independence. During the Second World War, they were occupied by the Soviet Union, and then by Germany, when the Nazis pulled out the occupied Soviet Union Lithuania once again before becoming an independent state in 1990. The country was actually the first Soviet republic that became independent of this Union.

Lithuania - An exciting country with many casinos

Lithuania is today one of the fastest-running economies in the EU, which has become even more noticeable after membership of Schengen in 2007. It is used euro and is also the dominant currency of all casinos in Lithuania.

A relatively mild climate that is comfortable in summer and not too cold in winter is a good base for travelers all year round. Many tourists are also lured to the country because of the many casinos found here.

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