Israel have some of the best casinos in the Middle East, especially in the beautiful beach city of Eilat.

Israel is a relatively safe country for travelers, although there are areas that are significantly less safe than otherwise. Should you go to the capital or visit the city of Eilat you will be able to find some good casino. As a tourist, it is worth a visit just to see how these casinos are, architecture and interior may be somewhat different from what is used to in Europe.

It's always wise to remember ID and to follow the rules of the casino when playing. Rule violation will not be well received in Israeli casinos.

There are four casinos in Eilat: This city with its 4 landbased casinos is a popular destination for those who like to play in the casino .

Eilat city exists HaDarom (Southern) in Israel.

Casinos in Eilat

Public transport: Mostly it is nice bus route offer in the city and if you travel with bus or other public transport so it might be ok to find a bus routes, it is Always nice with bus route so you know when to go.

Climate and temperature is something most tourists will appreciate in this city. The temperatures around summertime er not so hot, but of course in winter is so cold that the jacket has to wear but even then it is great.

The city offers beautiful nature and architecture and some mountain tours, and it is not too far to beaches or at least sights with some glamorous side.

Crime and black gambling markets in the city is probably not a bigger problem than in other cities around the world, and this is not even the worst in comparison with other places around.

Wildlife is is a fantastic Experience better than the best casinos . It will be historic if you should discover boars or illuminati lizards within the city zone, but there are rare and weird birds in and around the city as well as spiders is quite exciting . Bring along your good binoculars to see with your own eyes the unique nature and architecture and the birdlife.

It's not cheap with cab in the Eilat city. Taxi is wicked easy find if you have the phone number to city taxi. If you plan to travel a leased car or a rental it is always good to bring along the coordinates referring to byen which is 29.55 and 34.95.

The cultural experiences outside gaming in Eilat can be found at famous tourist attraction sites, and they have individual brilliant cultural events, special in the spring season, and this city offers experiences such as theatres and much different culture like festivals and concerts.

Eilat has many hotels for accommodation and bed and breakfast will be available in many places in Eilat if you would like to search hotel. The city is not a cheap space compared to hotel hotel stay.

Cities near Eilat