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Bulgaria has many casinos that are surprisingly good compared to the country otherwise has to offer in tourism.

Of all places in Bulgaria, there are no places that are so well suited for casino games as in Sofia, the capital. Here you can choose from a large number of casinos, and it is not just the selection of Bulgarian casino that is big - there is also an extremely large amount of different casino games.

There are 29 casinos in Sofia: This city with its 29 legal casinos is a popular destination for those who like to play in the casino .

Sofia city exists Sofiya in Bulgaria.

Casinos in Sofia

Public transport: Mostly it is good cheap bus service in the city and if you travel with bus you should always bring trains, it is Always nice with when bus information so you know when to go.

Temperature and climate is fine in this city. The weather between spring and summertime er little bit hot, but of course in winter is cold but even then it is brilliant.

The city offers amazing surroundings and some mountain tours, and it is not too far to bathing possibilities or at least tourist attractions with something a bit magical .

Crime in the city is probably not more dangerous than in other cities around the world, and this is not even huge problems with crime compared to other cities in the universe.

The plants and trees is not too bad. And you know what, there is probably a zero percent chance to find a wild lynx or a purple cow within the city zone, but there are beautiful and weird wildlife such as birds and insects in and around the city as well as insects may be worth looking into. Remember to bring your turquoise to see with your own eyes the diverse surroundings and the biomangfold.

It's costs a lot with taxi in this city. Taxi one can easy find if you have the phone number to the cabs. If you plan to drive with mobile home it can it be nice to bring along the latitude and longitude indicating the way to byen which is 42.683 and 23.317.

The culture and entertainment other than casinos in Sofia can be found all over this city, and they can offer good cultural experiences, in particular from May to August, and this city will provide experiences such as cinemas and much different culture like festivals and concerts.

Sofia has many hotel and accommodation is available some places in Sofia if you would like to search hotels and motels. The city is not a cheap place with regard to hotel hotel stay.