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We wanted to make a good overview of all the world's casinos. The result? This web site! So far, we have information about all countries and over 30,000 cities in the world and what opportunities for games that exist in these cities.

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Everyone know that the house always wins. Yet, there are situations where the player may have an edge.

win money in real casinos worldwide

For example, there are still professional blackjack players. These earn their living by taking part in blackjack and some have become very rich in this.

The casinos can allow this because there are so few professional blackjack players in the world, probably far fewer than one hundred players, and thus do not pose any risk to the casino's business. There are millions of blackjack players who lose money for the casino, and then the casino can also accept that there are some who have made this their living.

The fact that it's actually possible to earn money over time at casino games like blackjack is good marketing for the gaming industry and even if they have to pay out winnings to them, they'll probably earn it this many times on all the easy-going people who think it will Be easy to make money and get rich on casino games (something that's not).

Of course it is possible to win money and get rich in a casino, but most players will lose their bet.

There are nevertheless some tricks that can make it a little easier to win in a casino and here you can read more about how to win money in a real casino.

Where are the world's best casinos?

It is not easy to make any objective cunning of land based casinos. Every casino is different and with its own charm and atmosphere. Many casino players also want variety, and although the casino has no weaknesses and is excellent in every way, many players want to seek out different casinos around the world.

Some famous casinos are Las Vegas Casino Casinos, Macao in China and last but not least the world famous Monte Carlo casino in Monco.

We have looked at what are the most popular casinos and have come to the following overview with one list of the world's best casinos for tourist and gamblers.